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mygirlyman's Journal

for girls and boys who love boys dressed as girls
In our imaginations
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

this is a community for girls and boys who love boys who dress like girls; whether you're just an admirer or you're in a relationship with a lovely boi.

if you're someone with an ego problem, this is the perfect community : adoring girls and boys will jump all over you.

cam whores are welcome.

i will BAN your ass for the following :
-hurtful comments
-negative posts
-posting nude pictures if you are under 18
-not putting more than 3 pictures under the lj cut (sorry, it messes up computers)
-brining internet fights onto this community (i've seen it too much)
-getting TOO much off topic

remember, this is just a place to have fun and be adored.

maintained by slinksterjeans

sister communities:
gothic anti babes we give a middle finger to everyone who pisses us off !