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Morning shot with side pony

Took this at an afterparty around 7am. Have been largin' it as we say around Oslo. My friend is a hair stylist and I think this is the first shot I got after she had just done my hair.

Close up of me in my favourite black shirt-dress.

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Been taking many pics in typical style, goes double when you're visiting another country too. I seem to have ended up running around in that wee dress on quite a few Oslo weekends. I love it =D Inevitably it's been in quite a few pics. Nice to have gotten one that made me think "hmmm, not posted on mygirlyman for a while".

Enjoy =)


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January is National Drag History Month!

The Logo channel has announced January as National Drag History Month. It will feature lots of drag and transgender video content.

There's a PSA that I cut and embedded below that announces the message. It's pretty funny actually -- in a let's make fun of ourselves kind of way.

Oh and here's a link to the video content for this history month:

National Drag History Month PSA CUT BELOWCollapse )


A few weeks ago teenagedethgrrl decided that I needed cleavage - so she gave me moobs - LoL

The strange thing is that we both kinda liked them......
Now if only they would stay like that when I move around then I might try having moobs more often but unfortunately they sort of just slip away!
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